Battery reconditioning

Battery reconditioning

Battery Concept via its subsidiary Sport-E-Bike has been specialized in the reconditioning of batteries for more than 7 years. We carry out our reconditioning in our workshop in France, more precisely in Normandy. We use LG, Samsung, Sony or Panasonic original brand cells to recondition your batteries. Your satisfaction is our priority!

What is battery reconditioning?

In average, a battery lasts around 5 to 6 years and it hardly exceeds 10 years. It turns out that reconditioning batteries seems to be a good solution. Reconditioning batteries for electric bikes is nothing more than refurbishing them. It is a question of replacing the used cells of the battery by new cylindrical cells.

Battery reconditioning
Quand reconditionner sa batterie ?

When to recondition your battery?

Reconditioning is to be considered when the battery no longer holds the charge you then have to recharge it more often. This means that it begins to lose it’s autonomy and that in the long term, it will no longer allows you to cover the same distances as before.

Why reconditioning?

  • It is an ecological gesture : : it allows you to keep the battery electronics and thus less waste.
  • It is economical: it costs less to recondition than to buy a new battery from the bike manufacturer. With Battery Concept, you will therefore save between 30 and 40%.
  • In some cases,this is the ONLY solution: if your bike brand no longer exists or if the manufacturer no longer has spare battery parts…
  • It is recyclable : we entrust all the used elements of your batteries to our service provider specializing in battery recycling (the COREPILE company).
  • It is tailor-made: if the volume of your battery case allows it, you can even increase its capacity.
  • It is fast: in general, it takes less than 5 days for a battery reconditioning (not counting the transport delay).

Our technicians have real know-how. here are the necessary steps to reconditioning your battery:"

  • Sorting of the battery elements : the connectors and wiring will be kept, and the other electronic components will be recycled.
  • The new battery is then assembled according to its power (voltage) and its capacity (amperage). The cells are then welded together. The selected cells are verified by us and systematically checked before being dispatched.
  • This cell pack is equipped with its original electronic circuit (BMS) or a new one that will allow you to control, protect and balance your battery. We cannot guarantee the battery if no electronic circuit (BMS) is integrated.
  • The set is then assembled with insulating materials, and then put in a heat-shrinkable PVC shaft to protect the elements from shocks or short-circuits.
  • The last step is now to put everything back in your original battery case..
  • Your reconditioned battery will be fully tested. Indeed, we test its good functioning as well as its security. It is guaranteed for 2 years by our services..
Le savoir-faire du reconditionnement de batterie

Here are some fundamental rules to optimize and increase your battery lifetime:

Les règles fondamentales
  • Recharge your battery at least once a month, , even if you do not ride your electric bike. If you leave your battery for several months without recharging, it risks "falling asleep" permanently and will not restart.
  • Rechargez votre batterie à fond : on déconseille de débrancher une batterie avant que la charge soit complète. Aussi, il est préférable de laisser 10 minutes de plus en charge afin que le BMS recalibre chaque cellule. Mais ne la laissez pas votre batterie chargée à fond, seulement si vous avez prévu de faire une balade.
  • Stockez correctement votre batterie : elle doit être stockée avec un niveau de charge de 50% et 75%, avec une température entre 0 et 20°C et dans un lieu sec et non humide et qui ne craint pas le gèle.

Attention, toutes les batteries ne sont pas reconditionnables, certains circuits électroniques (BMS) ne tolèrent pas cette intervention, car ils communiquent avec le vélo. Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez contacter nos techniciens qui s’engagent à vous répondre sous 48H.